Help The Homeless Charity Backpack

A backpack is an easy way to combat homelessness and help those in need.

I am not a fan of giving my cash to charities. I am not saying that charities are bad, but they have to pay their staff. This is money that can be directed to the people that need help.

If you don’t have time to help the persons in need ( which is probably why you are using a charity in the first place ). Then creating a backpack for them is an easy way to Help. You can feel good knowing you directly contributed to the uplifting of humanity’s potential for dignity and grace.

Students helping students in need.

Whenever you are at the store. Pick up some items for them. It doesn’t have to be all at once. When the backpack is full, put it in your car. If you see someone in need. Grab the backpack, hand it to them, then start all over again.

Here are the items I put in my personal Help The Homeless Backpack:

  • Cheap Backpack
  • Self-Opening Canned Goods ( veggies, sardines, crackers, peanut butter, beans )
  • Plastic Eating Utensils
  • Glass Bottle ( can be used to store and heat water ) I use apple or cherry juice bottles.
  • huge heavy duty garbage bag ( Shelter )
  • Lighter ( heat )
  • WetWipes, Deoderant, Napkins, Rag or Bandana ( Hygene )
  • mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush ( Hygene )
  • dish soap, hand sanitizer ( cleaning things )
  • Socks, Boxer, Tshirt, SportShorts
  • playing cards (boredom )