Etrade Pro Working On Linux

If you have an Etrade account and a Linux computer. Chances are you haven’t found clear cut instructions on how to get the EtradePro application to work under Linux.

Here are the instructions for Fedora Linux. With small tweaks it should work with any distro ( Debian, SuSe, etc.. )

  1. Use the rpm command to install the latest JRE from the official java site.
    Do not use yum or dnf, it will not work.
    rpm -iv jave_package_version_here

    Don’t use ICEDTEA WEBSTART, I have never received consistent results with launching ETRADE PRO with ICEDTEA.

    You must also install the libnsl package. ( for this you can use dnf or yum )
    sudo dnf install libnsl
  2. Create/make sure that you have an etpro directory in your home directory:
    mkdir /home/YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/etpro/
  3. Log into the etrade website and click on ETradePro. It will ask you to run or download the etpro_launch.jnlp file. Download the .jnlp file, to the directory you created in step 2.
  4. Create a file here ( you need to be root )
    sudo touch /usr/share/applications/etpro.desktop
  5. Copy / Paste the text below into the the file you created in step 4.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Etrade Pro Trading
Exec=sh -c "/usr/java/default/bin/javaws /home/${USER}/etpro/etpro_launch.jnlp"

6. Launch etpro.desktop from applications menu

Please note. If you cannot relaunch the ETpro application at a later date. It is due to the session value in the etpro_launch.jnlp. You can

Redownload the etpro_launch.jnlp file from the etrade website and overwrite the current one in your home directory. This will have the new session value.


Edit the etpro_launch.jnlp file. Remove the ‘session’ value.

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